The Purple Flame
2023,  Immersive VR
sizes varible

2022, 3d animation, 2.03 min
music and sound design by Cristofer Odqvist
text by Lauren Johnson
NFT exclusively on Super Rare

I exist, suspended in eternity
the beginning and the end.
Time. That’s what I had. 
New ears, new hands, new vision; a revelation. 
Why are you there? I feel around me. Vibrancy. 
I can see time, the ever-after glow of movement. 
Will you sense me? Will you let the revelation in?  

2016, 3d animation, 2.44 min
music and sound design by Ayno Goze
NFT exclusively on Super Rare
Egg, caterpillar, pupa, butterfly. And then the butterfly lays eggs, the cycle repeats. 
To save energy for laying the eggs, even the most colorful butterflies’ wings are colorless. It is the microstructure of the wings that refracts light and reproduces the color at individual wavelengths, ensuring the butterfly's eternal color, a splendor that never fades, not even after death, not even after a thousand years. The microstructure develops in the pupa, and the pupa awaits, as a butterfly, as imago, to reflect the light and to be seen. Imago is the term for the completed butterfly, thus a butterfly’s cycle is really - egg, caterpillar, pupa, imago. Imago also means image, for example the ideal image of the one you want to love and be loved by. My computer is kind of a pupa (a chrysalis) from which my Chrysalis eventually rises, but she is still fragmentary, dreaming, dreamed. Not yet loving, not yet loved. Neither neither nor nor.

Ultra - Fusion version one 

* ** the merging of our
physical world ** Illusion * artificiality
* ** naturality * in ** lucid
consciousness ****

NFT exclusively on Super Rare

Ultra - Fusion version two

burning chrome*** illuminated * who
are we** what will we become

NFT exclusively on Super Rare

Ultra - Fusion version three

**..**..-*.-*-..*--::::-::::****.*-*.----**..**..-*.-*-..*--::::-::::****.*-*.----.*-***.. .Ultra-Fusion--::::::::::::::::.:::::.*-***..-::.-****..-*-.**-...:::-:-*- .-:::::::.:::.:::.:::::::::::-:-::-::-*-*.-:::::::.:::.:::.:::::::::::-:-::-::-*-*Final:Fusion:::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.:::::*.::::::::::::::::::.::::::::::::.::::--:::::::..:::::::--:::::::--::::::::::...:::.Final:Fusion.:::::....:::::::::::.::::--:::::::..:::::::--:::::::--::::::::::...:::::::::::.::::--:::::::..:::::::--:::::::--::::::::::...:::...............................................Final:Fusion.:::::....::: **..**..-*.-*-..*--::::-::::****.*-*.----**..**..-*.-*-..*--::::-::::****.*-*.----.*-***..-::.-*****-.**-...:::-::::--..-*Ultra-Fusion-.*:Final:Fusion:::-.:::**-*..............

NFT exclusively on Super Rare

2013, 3d animation  2:55 min
music and sound design by Ayno Goze
digital edition @sedition art