Photo: Michael Kinsey

David Åberg (b.1977) 

All I wanted to do was to work with my hands. But when I did that in art schools, I felt so limited in time and space that I had to break out and escape into digital sculpture and 3D animation. There I found the unlimited space I was looking for, which my hands and my mind were looking for. Yet it is still the case that if my hands (and my mind) do not constantly continue to broaden my horizons in the digital space, it will shrink for me, and myself with it. The unlimited digital space requires my unlimited knowledge - that is why I am in the studio forever on the move into the knowledge of the future. There, in the expanding knowledge, the unlimited digital world and the limited real-world exist side by side, and there is also me, as an interpreter and messenger between the worlds. I guess my hands and my mind also exist as in two worlds, side by side. They appear as two binary values, two realities, and they therefore give rise to a third reality in my studio; my art.
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Phone: +46 704869275