Documentary made by Cristofer Odqvist
recorded in Los Angeles 2018

David Åberg (b.1977) 

I am a sculptor that creates sculptures that not exist in real life.  Technology allows me to create these artworks in exceptional detail, to look entirely believable in virtual media. We have always been able to to go further with our minds and our imaginations than we can possibly go in physical reality, but we can now do this more convincingly than ever.  We can create entities that have never existed before, but even so, this process still has limitations. Virtual reality and actual reality remain parallel in certain ways and perhaps they always will. But today we are required or even forced to think about how the real world and digital world overlap, how technology is blending more and more with natural forms, and how the two might ultimately coexist in ways where one does not compromise the other.  
My sculptures represent the increasing opportunities via technological advancements for real world people to present or recreate themselves as complete digital fantasies.  In varying degrees, we have always molded our personas in ways which aren't necessarily true or don't actually exist, but today we can do this to a greater extent and in greater depth than ever.  As we continue to create personas for ourselves online or in social networking situations or in the gaming world, the physical world and the digital world come closer and closer together, perhaps even someday to merge and become indistinguishable from one another.  At this point, we may even be able to recreate ourselves in three dimensions to our own specifications, and in so doing materialize a digital world that will be more real than the physical world we currently know. My sculptures represent an attempt to visualize what personas of the future might look like and how they might exist in a realm composed entirely of fantasy identities,  invented emotions, aspirations and personal histories.

e-mail: david(at)
Phone: +46 704869275